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  • We provide your Canadian phone number before travelling to Canada
  • Get a SIM Card delivered for FREE anywhere in the world
  • Your Canadian phone number enables you to complete the federal ArriveCAN application
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Benefits of PhoneBox

Best 4G LTE network in North America

100% satisfaction guarantee

Same-day cancellation

Multi-language support (English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, German)

Student-friendly prices

International Credit Cards accepted

The government is asking students to download the ArriveCan app prior to their arrival.

They are required to fill in their personal information including a Canadian phone number for measuring safety and health conditions.

Unlimited Canada-wide calling & messaging + International messaging

Prepaid Plans

Additional Data : $15 / 1GB

How do international students benefit from a Canadian phone number?

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Order SIM Card

PhoneBox sends out SIM Cards without shipping fees all over the world

Download ArriveCAN app

Download the app before you cross the Canadian border

Welcome to Canada!

Share your Canadian phone number with border agents and enter the country

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 -    7GB



 -    15GB



 -    20GB



 -    25GB



 -    35GB