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  • We provide your Canadian phone number before travelling to Canada
  • Get a SIM Card delivered for FREE anywhere in the world within 1 week
  • Your Canadian phone number enables you to complete the federal ArriveCAN application
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Benefits of PhoneBox

Best 4G LTE network in North America

100% satisfaction guarantee

Same-day cancellation

Multi-language support (English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, German)

Student-friendly prices

International Credit Cards accepted

The government is asking students to download the ArriveCan app prior to their arrival.

They are required to fill in their personal information including a Canadian phone number for measuring safety and health conditions.

Unlimited Canada-wide calling & messaging + International messaging

Postpaid Plans

Data overage rate: $15 for 1GB

How do international students benefit from a Canadian phone number?

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Order SIM Card

PhoneBox sends out SIM Cards without shipping fees all over the world within 1 week

Download ArriveCAN app

Download the app before you cross the Canadian border

Welcome to Canada!

Share your Canadian phone number with border agents and enter the country

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Prepaid Plans

Data overage rate: $15 for 1GB



 -    5GB



 -    10GB



 -    15GB



 -    20GB



 -    2GB*



 -    4GB



 -    8GB



 -    12GB